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George Webster 02-02-2018 06:12 PM

Can these be the same variety??
I hope you can view the pictures.

Both are of mats that are at least a few years old. The one that includes my 6 four son, is in my back yard. I always thought it was a basjoo.

The other is next to a 42 inch fence. And is half the hight of mine.

Both pictures were taken last summer.

I have difficulty believing that both are the same species but I know of no other that is hardy in here is St Louis zone 7. The soil and care is much different in the two locations.

Any suggestions as to variety or why the height differences much appreciated


scottu 02-03-2018 07:07 PM

Re: Can these be the same variety??
looks to me like an older and a little short established mat of basjoo and a much younger beginnings of some planted basjoo.
Not an expert by any means.
were the pics taken near the same time of the growing season?
are both getting same sun, have similar waterings, drainage, fert, wind, etc.?

George Webster 02-04-2018 11:24 AM

Re: Can these be the same variety??
They were both taken the same week in mid summer. The short ones are in a lawn, In an old neighbor hood in the city of St. Louis. Were on the property when the current owner bought it. No care. Nothing.

The one in my yard. I planted in good soil plenty of organic matter and re-mulched each year. So the soil is rich. Lots of big worms

Because of the mulch the soil stayed moist all summer. The one in the city is competing with an uncared for lawn.

While surprised, I am thinking the ones in the city are stunted because of the growing conditions. But they look so very healthy. They are free for the taking. She wants them gone.


Gabe15 02-04-2018 02:39 PM

Re: Can these be the same variety??
They are both Musa basjoo.

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