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Gardengirl333 02-24-2014 08:49 PM

Dwarf Banana ID
I got a few pups from this group of plants in the Florida Keys (zone 11) and was looking for some help identifying them. The two fruiting pseudostems were 4' and 4.5' tall with about 40 small bananas per bunch, and the leaves were about 3' long. There was no red splotches on the young leaves. My best guesses are: dwarf orinoco, mauritius, dwarf namwah, or rajapuri. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

venturabananas 02-25-2014 01:25 AM

Re: Dwarf Banana ID
Most likely candidate is Rajapuri. That's one of the few non-Cavendish types that will fruit that short, and those bottle-nosed fruits don't like like a Cavendish variety. They are also not Dwarf Namwah, which has a heavy waxy bloom on the fruits, nor are they Dwarf Orinoco, which are fewer per hand and more angular.

verndoc50 02-25-2014 05:19 PM

Re: Dwarf Banana ID
What he said.

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