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BradS7535 04-28-2020 07:51 PM

New SoCal Member
Hello all! New member from sunny SoCal! Been browsing the site gathering as much info as I can but hoping to get some more info and hopefully start my banana adventure!

Looking to plant a bunch of bananas for both the fruit and for the look (tropical look by our pool). Have two main questions:

1) What bananas will grow best in my area (Thousand Oaks, zone 10a)? Been looking at dwarf Cavendish, goldfinger, blue java (ice cream) and Mysore.

2) Best place to get them! This part seems harder. Been looking around and most nurseries seem to be down in San Diego. Any members in the area have suggestions for places to buy? Looking to get around 20+ plants.

Thanks to all!

crazy banana 04-29-2020 01:07 PM

Re: New SoCal Member
Welcome to
The varieties you have listed will do well in Thousand Oaks. Mysore is a subgroup of several varieties. Examples and some of my favorites would be the Pisang Ceylon or Pisang Klotek.
Another “must have” in Southern California would be the Namwah, sweet and very prolific fruits. Come on down to San Diego for some nice size plants. Or I can ship you some smaller pups true to variety.

edwmax 04-29-2020 06:14 PM

Re: New SoCal Member
Welcome to the Bunch ... The Bananas you listed will grow ok. you are in a good grow zone for just about any type of Banana.

Best day 04-30-2020 12:52 AM

Re: New SoCal Member
Almost all banana varieties will grow great at your house. They will love the summer heat and do fine most winters. During extremely cold winters they will take a beating but bounce back fine when spring hits. I think your area gets into the low 30’s during cold winters?


cincinnana 04-30-2020 03:17 AM

Re: New SoCal Member
Welcome to the Jungle.....:woohoonaner:

There are a few vendors in your area..
Visit the for sale thread in the forum for sellers names.:08:

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