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  1. Redneck media
  2. Self Watering flood trays
  3. My macro-propagation setup
  4. If this works for Musa then I am super excited.
  5. Potting up some bananas
  6. First Macropropagation experiments - Sddarkman619
  7. first attempt, opinions please
  8. Contamination problem
  9. Can't Determine Pups From Main
  10. plants from flower bud
  11. Hardening tent: Shade colour
  12. First macro propagation attempt
  13. flow hood
  14. success at last !!
  15. slicing a corm
  16. how to encourage pupping
  17. eaisest banana to culture
  18. amout suar and aar for 1 l l banana multiplication media
  19. macro propgation helens hybrid experiment
  20. obdiahs new toy
  21. Musella Lasiocarpa initiation
  22. Unusual idea for a propagation experiment
  23. tissue culture jar question
  24. pollenating bananas
  25. Pups best practice?
  26. Hardware.
  27. How to prepare corms for shipping?
  28. Macroprop the african way
  29. My tissue culture experiment
  30. mixed planting/cross fertilization?
  31. Keith Gibsons Article on banana tissue culture
  32. Multiplication in TC
  33. Woud you separate the pup?
  34. How to hybridize, store pollen, etc.
  35. How to start tiny pups?
  36. grafting ???
  37. tissue culture
  38. Need a source of root tissue cuttings
  39. What a joke...
  40. ascorbic acid /lemon juice in xplant final rinse
  41. Large pup removal
  42. Removing Pups
  43. tissue culture, when?
  44. HELP!!! about Tissue Culture of Banana
  45. not a TC..Small all the same
  46. Banana Growing in the Burn Pile
  47. Tissue culture kit
  48. Water sucker worth saving?
  49. How many pups does Sikkimensis make?
  50. How to cut pups for the Inexperienced..
  51. AeAe Macro Propagation technique made simple
  52. Large banana plants no roots - any advise?
  53. Pupping to death?
  54. legal tetraploids for cross breeding?
  55. explant questions
  56. Cutting corms in fall?
  57. I just might try my hand at TCing. Advice?
  58. Is this a pup?
  59. Removing only pup okay?
  60. How long till Basjoo makes pups?
  61. Do you think this pup will make it?
  62. Seperating pups in my nursery
  63. Chopping corm/replanting technique
  64. Compost Bin Propagation
  65. How to harvest a baby cut.
  66. Crossbreeding?
  67. What type of pup is this?
  68. Tissue Culture Questions
  69. Lunar cycle and transplanting hijos (pups)
  70. Transplanting banana pups
  71. Trying to germinate usa veluntina in TC
  72. What part to use?
  73. Rooting Hormone
  74. implants as a means for crossing Musa
  75. I am about to take the leap.
  76. where can I find it?
  77. Question On Banana Propagation.
  78. Questions about PH buffers with TC
  79. Why Do Banana Plants Pup?
  80. When can I remove an AeAe pup..
  81. Dwarf brazilian tissue cultures
  82. Dole Banana Propogation, from young fruit? Huh?
  83. Baby Plant
  84. !st time Tissue Culturing with pictures
  85. Are these baby Bananas?
  86. Some questions: Psuedostem, Meristem, where?
  87. Phytotech is Autoclavable TC media?
  88. Ghetto Gas Chamber or low budget flood hood.
  89. To Corm or not to Corm?
  90. What chemicals or what mixtures?
  91. Minimum size of rhizome cuttings
  92. seperating pups from the mother plant
  93. can i learn tc by myself
  94. How do you propagate Red Abissinians (Ensete maurelli)?
  95. Macropropagation for basjoo?
  96. Scarifying seeds?
  97. Banana in a bag
  98. Don't ever give up on plants with no roots!
  99. first batch problem
  100. Composition of the TC media
  101. 2 TC questions
  102. Second TC batch rooting and hardening!!
  103. Need Help ! Surface Sterilization of plant material
  104. Phytotech Musa media?
  105. Rooting cuttings
  106. Age of 'donor' plants?
  107. looks so simple
  108. First time hardening TC rooted plantlets...
  109. Son thinking of doing TC for science project, any ideas, help?
  110. Clones
  111. 8" tweezers available
  112. Banana callus and cell suspension
  113. Suckers
  114. Explant source
  115. Tissue Culture Workshop
  116. Musella Lasiocarpa tissue culture help
  117. Tissue culture workshop Kankakee IL. Sept. 18th
  118. HOS1010 at PB State College - Palm Beach Gardens
  119. Tissue Culture 1000 fingers
  120. Gel2Root
  121. What to do with new tissue culture??
  122. Can someone post a tc guide?
  123. Tissue culture Potatoes
  124. Seeds in my bananas
  125. TC Workshop - San Jose, CA August 7th
  126. My TC experiment
  127. 5 bunchs bananas!!!! New Type Bananas
  128. Parade Albinos
  129. Tissue Culture Workshop in Plametto, Florida
  130. Tissue culture Dwarf Pineapples (ornamental)
  131. Tissue Culture Pisang Jari Buaya (Crocodile Fingers)
  132. Tissue Culture Indonesian Red Bananas
  133. albino Musa Velutina growth from seeds
  134. Tissue Culture Alocasia Sisik ular (Snake's Skin)
  135. New Pic of my plantlets
  136. Tissue culture Amorphopalus sp
  137. Tissue culture noob
  138. Black Thai
  139. Grey Saba (Pisang Kepok Kapas)
  140. I'm trying my hand at TC also
  141. Musa Laterita and new hybrid
  142. TC Male Flower Bananas
  143. Seeds as explant source ( Musa Velutina)
  144. Tissue culture Ensente (ID please)
  145. Tc plant in plastic bag
  146. TC plant acclimatize
  147. Siam Ruby in Vitro
  148. Dwarf Banana
  149. step by step Tissue Culture Pineapple
  150. Tissue culture musa velutina, musa zebrina and 1000 fingers
  151. Tissue Culture & Propagation For Dummies-101
  152. Tired but Happy
  153. i think im getting the hang of this!
  154. Tissue Culture in home laboratory in Brazil
  155. Pisang Nangka
  156. Pisang Mini (Dwarf banana)
  157. Variegated Photos
  158. Share images of TC plant
  159. Share images of My Home Lab
  160. Tissue Culture Sanseivera
  161. Pisang Ambon
  162. Pisang Raja Bulu i month old
  163. Tissue Culture Anthurium Hookery
  164. Tissue Culture Strawberry
  165. Tissue Culture Carnivora plant (nephentes)
  166. Update Variegated bananas photos!!!
  167. Hardened off Variegated bananas in the pot!!!
  168. Tissue Culture Zamia Curcas
  169. Aloe Vera in culture bottle
  170. Amazing Tissue culture aglaonema
  171. Variegated Pisang Kepok
  172. Step by Step acclimatitation
  173. TC Black bananas
  174. Tissue Culture Pineapple
  175. Working with 10 liter MS packets
  176. TC Cadium from leaf explant
  177. 10 shoots variegated bananas
  178. Saving contaminated Explant
  179. Variegated Cavendish (mutation)
  180. Hardened off bananas TC plant
  181. MP Corms
  182. photos of Variegated bananas update
  183. Dwarf Namwah = Pisang Kapal ?
  184. Propagating Musa Velutina Seeds
  185. Musa Velutina for TC
  186. Micropropagation Question?
  187. TC Black Banana Update
  188. Hybrid/Pollinization Question
  189. making extracts before trying explants
  190. dwarf banana from Indonesia
  191. Propagation Question
  192. media
  193. agri starts
  194. Questions about media
  195. Step by Step Subculture In Tissue Culture Bananas (part 2)
  196. Step by Step Subculture In Tissue CUlture Bananas (part 1)
  197. Electronic leaf manufacturers ?
  198. sterile inflatable hood
  199. Variegated and Albino Update
  200. Default Step by Step How To Tissue Culturing Bananas (part 2)
  201. Step by Step How To Tissue Culturing Bananas
  202. Update my lab
  203. Bananas result of TC
  204. It's Time to Subculture Black Banana
  205. locally adapted plants and tc'ing?
  206. Do banana suckers look like grass when they first come up?
  207. 100 Bottle variegated bananas
  208. Hybrid Seeds
  209. Medium MS Organic as Substitute Medium MS
  210. Price of tissue cultured bananas
  211. Black Banana
  212. Me and My home Tissue Culture
  213. Tissue Culture some Plants
  214. Almost ready for ordering...just a few doubts
  215. Albino bananas
  216. Tissue Culture of Red Bananas and Dwarf bananas
  217. Tissue Culture of Variegated bananas
  218. banana tc helping farmers
  219. Tissue Culture MS Medium Help
  220. Virus?
  221. New homemade hood
  222. ensete maurelli,damage the stem or not to produce pups?
  223. what exactly is tissue culture?
  224. I have (will have) baby food jars
  225. Re: Tissue Culture
  226. Getting started soon
  227. explant size?
  228. Tissue culturing resource materials
  229. Then and now.
  230. tissue culture kits
  231. Photoautotrophic Micropropagation
  232. 3,300 banana plants
  233. Tissue Culture Workshop Interest
  234. My home TC lab is open, Finally!
  235. reference article from India
  236. TERNPC - The latest greatest????
  237. Variegated Sports
  238. Grafting bananas Stage II
  239. When clones are NOT clones--Somaclonal Mutations
  240. found this helpful
  241. Tissue culture in the UK
  242. inexpensive vials, racks, etc. ?
  243. blue java from tissue culture
  244. thought this might help :D
  245. What do you need for tissue culture
  246. My home tissue culture progress
  247. TC's vs. pups
  248. Rootless corm propogation tips??
  249. Banana Tissue Culture
  250. Tissue Culture