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Default Re: Beginner in Idaho

Been there - done that too. At one time, I only had a path from the front door to wherever I wanted to go, with grow lites hanging from the ceiling.
Looks like you have quite a collection there. Do you need a machete to do laundry?
This coming summer, you may want to build a TALL greenhouse for them, so you can keep them warm & get some fresh bananas.
Happy Gardening
From - - - - Tony O.

The situation you describe regarding paths pretty much describes my current situation. Besides the nanner's am also growing Bouganvilla, white ginger, vanilla, coffee, a few large "ti" plants, a 6' tall ficus with 4' bole, a couple of "tree Begonias", two papayas, two chocolate trees, pineapple, two plumerias and a few impatiens, and this all in the "tropical" laundry room. Which fortunately, is one of the larger rooms in the house

The rest of the house is more "temperate", dealing with more of a regional winter light situation. Several large Draceana's, two fairly large Schefleras, Myrtle, a mess of generic house plants, (Pothos, ivy, Moses in a boat, prayer plants, wandering jew, ui palm, etc, between the uprights and hangers it makes a pretty nice curtain for the S facing picture window). The kitchen is where I am forcing bulbs, have some fresias blooming now. I also winter over my fuscias there.

The spare bedroom, (more of a large closet actually), holds my sucullents. I find they winter there well, because they are mostly out of sight, so that I don't kill them by caring for them.

Almost everything goes outside as weather permits. So then the house looks empty, I start gathering more plants. The cycle continues. Guests have commented that if I had some poison ivy growing in the house, it would be more like camping than visiting. This year I am going to try cashews.

When I get the garage seasonally reorganized, I usually start new annuals and new cuttings from over-wintered plants there. I have a plastic green house where I keep a few of the more fragile perennials. I share this house with two medium sized dogs ~45# average, one less than a year old. It's less than 900 sq ft. I have no idea why I do any of this, and keep filling the house with more plants. I really don't know what I am doing, but have always been pretty lucky. Lucky enough to keep me at this "fool's endeavor".

The "tropical" laundry room is a bit of a sanctuary. Found enough room to add a water feature. I take a low folding chair, something to read, and turn on the stereo. When the valley is covered by an inversion where I might not see the sun for a few weeks at a time, I might find no reason to leave the laundry room, if there were a cute waitress that would bring me a Margarita from time to time.

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