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Default Re: who can enlighten me about sugar cane?

Originally Posted by conejov View Post
Im going to keep an eye on this thread great question.
Okay . Sugarcane is a tall, perennial grass growing 6-19' tall of the family Poaceae & the tribe Andropogoneae. It stores energy as sucrose in it's sap. Minimum annual rainfall required is 24". Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane. While dropping seeds generate new ratoons (young stalks), it is often necessary to propogate the cane by cuttings made that have at least 1 bud on the stalk.
Pests include Cane Grubs that eat at the roots. These are easily controlled with Confidor or Lorsban. Also, the larvae of some butterfly & moth species, to include the Turnip moth. Other pests are the Sugarcane borer Eoreuma Loftini, Leaf cutting ants, termites, Spittlebugs (esp. Mahanarva fimbriolata & Deois flavopicta), the beetle Migdolus fryanus, & the Planthopper.
The planthopper Eoaetopina flavipes acts as a vector for the phytoplasma causing the Sugarcane disease Ramu Stunt.
It's a wild looking & fascinating plant and, as I said, Lorax can definitely provide info on this - she not only grew it but lives in Ecuador, a prime location for Sugarcane farming.
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