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Default Re: California-Croatia

Of course, I apologize...

Coming back to the point, here on the coast it is possible to grow Mango. In Sicily and parts of Calabria there are commercial groves now, but I do not know if this can be done more north. I know only one person who grows them as north as Liguria, which is on the Tyrrhenian side (warmer than the Adriatic) but he lives at 20 meters from the sea (not exagerating).

Papaya is more difficult because here also, in the warmer areas it needs at least a soft protection. I know of some people growing it with no protection but they are really in a particular location at the southern tip of the region with sea on two sides.

Annona seems easier, in a relative sense. Here in Calabria there are many many groves now, for many people are replacing citrus groves with annonas, since the price of the citrus is very low (25-30 cents of euro at wholesale). But they are grown in frost-free areas still. Maybe you could be succesful with that, but they suffer frost very much.

Another thing which you could try is Jaboticaba, which tolerates slight frosts.

Things which you can grow almost for sure instead are:
Casimiroa Edulis
Dovyalis Caffra

I would focus on these latter, maybe together with a Mexican Avocado and a purple Passiflora.

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