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Default Re: Call for European members

Hi Jack

With due respect, I do not think the location of our friend in Croatia is comparable to my area. If we talk of my specific condition, I can have some troubles sometimes with light frost because of the altitude of my location, but if we talk about the area in general... there is no game. It's not to be patriotic but because of evidence. I am below the 40th parallel and this means I am in the subtropics. Moreover, my region is between two seas, Tirreno and Ionio, both much warmer than the Adriatic. This latter in fact is not very deep. For this same reason in Italy on the Tirreno's side climatic zone 9 reaches until the north in Liguria, while on the Adriatic side it's only the southern part of the Peninsula which is considered warm to 9. If I have not been clear on this latter issue see the Koeppen map:

I do not agree on many particulars of this map, but it gives a general idea and you can see the difference between the two sides.

Apart from this, in general in the coastal areas of my region there is no frost at all. This year which was a tough winter for many of us on the coasts here it never drop below 2-5 degrees depending on the areas. Of course there are exceptions but few.

As I was saying my situation is different. But when you think that at almost 600 m of altitude (which is quite a lot) I can easily grow citrus, bananas, cattley guava and avocado, you get an idea of the general climate of the area. In the valley they grow annonas and guava and along the coast they grow mango, litchi, ananas, babaco and pithaya.

I apologize for the moment of glory, no disrespect for nobody.

To answer your question on max temp, I have official datas for these locations:

- at the beginning of the valley (which means at the feet of my hill), at 362 m of height, absolute max in history are 38.3 in May, 43.2 in June, 44.3 in July, 43.0 August, 41 September and 34. 7 in October. Here almost every year the temp touches 40 degrees.
Consultazione banca dati storici

- in the plan which stretches from the hill to the coast, but some km away from the sea, 41.7 June, 42.7 July, 42.1 Ago, 37.1 Sept
Consultazione banca dati storici

- by the sea, 39.8 June, 40. 1 July, 42.4 Ago, 34.7 Sept
Consultazione banca dati storici

As you see the max temp are higher far from the sea, however in these same places also winter is cooler and it is there that frost occur when by the sea are unheard of.

Blessings to all
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