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Default Re: Call for European members

Originally Posted by YAKUZA View Post
i have a red stern basjoo, ventricosum, cavendish, acumminata monkeyfinger, helens hybride. im from belgium. what 2 do
plant in garden in ... how you say it.... full soil or i leave it in a container end dig it in.
temperature winter tis year -19 degrees celcius
I thought that the Western Europe climate was much warmer in the winter thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. How could you have had -19°C? Is it really so? Wet winter or snowy winter?

Originally Posted by YAKUZA View Post
i mean 3 years waithing is long.
i what 2 c quiker result hehe im a dreamer
Citruses take sometimes decades to start fruiting. Is it still so long?

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
I thought you had it flower quicker. I have some in full soil and some in containers. I don't know what is better. The one flowering is standing in full soil. If you send me a PM we can talk in Netherlands?
Container for Cavendish types, free soil for the hardier (basjoo, Orinoco, sikkimensis...)

Originally Posted by Dalmatiansoap View Post
Well, you can allway sendt them to me here. It will be much warmer for them.
What are your annual winter lowest tempeartures (for the past about 10 years or so)...?

Originally Posted by YAKUZA View Post
a small question for european nana lovers
how long it takes for having some flowering in a mmmmm for example a basjoo,helens hybrid or a cavendish in a belgium,Germany,slovakian,... climate.
overwintering inside.the rest of the seazon outside
It depends, some flower earlier (Cavendishes), because I have them in the warm place for winter, some fruit later (basjoos in the soil...)
One more thing, it's Slovak, not Slovakian. ...
Slovak climate would be:
Winter lowest 2009 >>> -13°C (about 1 night,then it gradually fell to -1°C)
Summer highest 2008 >>> 34,5°C
Thnx to Marcel, Ante, Dr. Chiranjit Parmar and Francesco for the plants I've received.

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