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Default Re: what are you using for potting soil?

And one of the largest seed producers in the world recommends that you use GMO seeds and Roundup. Not my bag, personally. I'm sure Ted is a smart guy and all - he helped me with identification of one of my nanners after all. But I believe that MG fert is damaging to the ecosystem and largely ineffective and unnecessary in a good organic regimen, and I don't support MG by purchasing other products they produce like their soil, which I suspect, of course, is full of MG. They supposedly have an "organic" soil too, but trust is an issue there. I lost quite a few cacao trees to MG (used according to their instructions, naturally) before I stopped using it and used mycorrhizal fungus, molasses and fish emulsion and later repotted into rich compost based soil with remarkable and nearly miraculous results - which began my journey down the Organic Path (well, I believe the USDA screwed the pooch on the term "Organic", let's just say, Ecologically Friendly). No salt buildup problems, very happy and diverse soil - lotsa happy earthworms in it - and happy plants. I'll stick with DIY because it works for me, just as MG works for you.

Personal choice, mind you. No judgement. And... they're the Devil!!!!

Be well,

Originally Posted by Frankallen View Post
I have never had "Miracle Grow Potting Soil" to kill a Plant??? I have grew some Monster Banana Pups in nothing but MGPS!! I really like it alot myself. I have used it for about 10 years and to my knowledge it has never killed a plant or harmed one.

One of the top Banana Plant sellers(Ted Taylor, of GreenEarth Inc.) on Ebay, actually recommends you to use "Miracle Grow Potting Soil" to pot the plants he sends you!! Just my 2 cents worth.

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