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Smile Re: what are the brown spots?

Originally Posted by Cpatrikis View Post
hello again!
i just noticed about a week ago a white powder on the clay pot i have my basjoo in. it is all around the outside of the pot and on the top and inner edge of the lip. ive tried cleaning it off with Clorox wipes and scrubbing the pot but it always comes back. ive read online that it may be a fungus and im starting to think it is because it looks fuzzy.
can this be whats causing the brown spots on my leaves? they just keep getting bigger (the spots not leaves)!
also the powder is not on the plant itself or soil at all... just on the pot.

any suggestions on how to fix this problem would help me out so much!

the first picture is from 9/17 and in one week the two small brown spots on the middle leaf (not the one that is still opening) have gone to about 2 inches long getting connected, and then a second large 2 inch spot formed on the tip of the leaf. that leaf is also browning on the edges as shown in the picture.

the other leaf in the same picture behind the one in the front had completely withered and got clipped.

now the new leaf that is now fully opend has some brown spots on the edges of the leaf.

the 3rd pic shows the white fuzzy powder (fungus?) on the pot.

Pleaseeeeee help me out i am getting worried and about to re pot the plant! (if i do will i be able to use the same soil?)
Hi Chris, I use mostly clay pots for my large collection of plants. White chalky
ness- on them is very common. This is caused by excess salts and is very hard to clean off. I have soaked my pots in clorox for days and it would reappear. Excessive salts is caused by a fertilizer buildup in the soil. Now, if the white looks like fuzzy puffs then it could be mealy bug attack. I personally do not reuse soil if repotted due to a problem. If you remove it from its pot,check for white wooly patches in the soil as this can mean an attack on the roots. I give my plants systemic treatment to prevent problems and to treat current ones. It is made by bromide and is an excellent product.
Again, your problem may be simply excess salts in the soil. Hope this has helped you. Good Luck! Raggedy
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