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Default Re: what are the brown spots?

Originally Posted by Cpatrikis View Post
my new basjoo has a few brown spots on its new leaves too. it only has 3 but i just clipped one because it was almost completely dead. (i guess from shipping it).
it had one perfectly healthy leaf and one new sprout that is almost open but those seem to have small spots developing on them now too.

i have read that it is from over watering when the plant is not fully established and for letting water droplets sit on the leaves in the sun (or plant lamp in my case). i think my spots are caused by both of these factors.

do you think i should use a spray bottle to wet the leaves instead of dripping water on the leaves? more like a mist?

Please help!

take a look at my pictures to see the back left leaf that got clipped and the small spots on the other 2 leaves.
I had a couple brown spots on mine. I had spray misted the leaves on a down
cast day. Sun came out and there was some brown spots. Wet leaves and strong sun do not mix. I use more caution now. Haven't had a problem since.
Fungus can also cause this. You can try removing affected leaves if the spots seem to be spreading, as a fungus will spread.
Good Luck! Hope this helped.
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