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Default Re: Slow growth

Patience... yep, that's me! Chockful of patience! *snickers*

Its been almost two weeks since the last leaf emerged and I still can't see any signs of another. 'Course, it is much taller than me. (Not saying much.. I'm not even 5ft.

Mike, yes it is containerized, and planted it the ground, mulched pretty well. It has two large pups.. one about 3ft and another a bit smaller. I'd considered removing them both, thinking that they are taking away from the mother plant, but worried to do that too. Thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Also, I have considered the pot has just gotten too small. This banana has now about 7ft of psuedostem. I'm not sure how many gallons the pot is, but it was about a 36 inch pot, and at the time thought it would be plenty big. (Had a helluva time digging -that- hole and cutting all those roots. *heh*) At one point I was going to pull it out of the pot and stick it in the ground, then I got to thinking about the hurricanes. No one is going to sucker me into believing we're going to be home-free this year. Isabel is still fresh in my mind! Driving in the morning for breakfast and water. Driving in the afternoon for lunch and water. Driving in the evening for supper and water. Running out of gas. Washing with bottled water. Dying in the heat. EEK! I must stop thinking!

Anway, no baked soil, no pests. I'll just remain patient as MediaHound recommends, or possibly remove those pups. What do you guys think?

Another thought I've had is that at this point were it to fruit, they'd never ripen before the hardest part of winter, so perhaps it's a blessing it isn't growing so fast now? Your thoughts there, too, if you please. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I'll also add that when I had pulled the pot from the ground when Alberto came up this way, there was no sign of it appearing root-bound.
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