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Default Re: Bunchy top disease (my worst fear)

thanks Bananaman, I am familiar with Stokes. Although, a little on the expensive side.

i just picked up a citrus liquid for my pineapples today, maybe I could use some of it? My soil pH is consistantly 6.5-7. The liquid has no NPK, just micro's of sulfates and no maganese. Perhaps my plants need calcium too, not sure if MG has that or not?

I hope you and Gabe were right, and I am simply over reacting on the bunchy top idea, its just that the symptoms match the photos. Though I have thought of two other possible causes besides your nutrient suggestion.

My neighbor and I are loosing our tomato plants. We suspect tylcv, or a mosiac such as tobacco since I smoke cigarettes. Leaning more toward tylcv since the plants are still barely fruiting, and the peppers seem to be tolerant and are still growing. The tomatos are dying from the bottom up, growth has stopped and leaves are deformed, yellow and green mottled, and curled upwards. I here that these are transferable via the white flies to herbs? Which we have swarms of.

The other discovery I made was with the outdoor-ish carpeting we have on the balcony. It has molded pretty bad on the underside and unfortunately when it rains the water seeps through and drips on all of my plants. I discovered this when i left my rain buckets to gather water from the balcony runoff and the water was rust colored. Perhaps this could be the cause?

Well thanks in advance for your time and consideration. And with any luck I will have all this figured out before the season is over.

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