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Default Re: Variegated Florida and Variegated Monstera

Originally Posted by Dustin View Post
Thanks for the information...Any Thailand shops that you recommend?
AseanPlantExport would be my first choice. I've had good experience with them in the past with other plants+ there are several unboxing videos on you tube of their stuff.

Another that I heard are good is New Life Tropicals. There's probably you tube videos of these guys too.

Of course as Valor X says, you can always be patient and try to snag one on e-bay. There's some sellers on there with great plants. It's just a matter of timing and luck I personally just run out of patience after a while when I really want something

Originally Posted by Valor_X View Post
I can attest to what Sundra said.
I really wanted a Variegated Florida myself and kept looking at Ebay when they came up, they almost always come up as bid only auctions.
I got into several bidding wars until I finally won one for a very good price! w00t! I got lucky at the end of the auction only one other person was bidding against me.

However, the craziest bid war I saw went all the way up to $400 and it was a Variegated Florida, not even an Ae'Ae'!

IMO it's definitely worth it, just keep a lookout for them.
Hey, pass me some of that luck

I think I saw that same 400$ one lol At least I have seen bids end in that! Don't recall though if it was Florida or Variegated Namwah--cause I've been watching those too.
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