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Default Re: Dwarf canvendish not growing?

Originally Posted by edwmax View Post
Looks like your plant is a little too deep in the pot. Banana plants are shallow rooted so air can get to the roots. Soil should not be higher than the base of the stalk and neck of the corm. ... Remove 1 to 1 1/2 inches of soil from the pot and loosen the soil.

I think you may be over watering since the plant is not taking up much. Let the bottom of the pot dry out before giving more water. Use a long stem moisture meter to check the soil moisture deep in the pot and though the drain holes.

I don't know what your humidity is, but misting the plant usually helps a lot. The plant take its water needs though the leaves until the roots can. ...

the lower leaf on the left is folded down and the plant is pale compared to the one on the right. Indicating poor sap flow or lack of water which can be cause by over watering (root rot), too much nitrogen fertilizer (burned roots), too much hot sun, or transplant shock.
If you think I’m over watering I’ll really cut back. You think color could be from to much sun? I have it on concrete patio and it gets sun most of the day. Hers doesn’t get near the amount of sun mine does. Also, should I repot it since the roots is coming out of the bottom. I was gonna plant it in the ground ,but thinking about just keeping it in a pot. What size pot should this be in? The current pot is 7” tall x 10” wide

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