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Default Re: Nana super slow after roots dried out over winter

Ok I will redo the potting mix! (Figured I couldn't get off so easily.. *sigh* lol) I will do this tomorrow morning. @Hmelendez how do you know when new plants are forming new roots though? Do you just lightly pull them from the soil? I'm paranoid about disturbing the roots as well. I will do whatever you guys say because I'm only a novice, accustomed to being rough when dealing with basjoos (that remain in the soil here in zone 7b). Once I learn these techniques for potted nanas, I will be the one of the ones informing other newbies of these practices! I thoroughly appreciate your help. Without you all I'd be just another gardener killing their plants! I am good with cold-hardy plants because my main trick is just excess sand.. some fertilizer.. but nanas require LOTS of nutrients.. and I have no idea how to "baby" nanas. This is really helpful as I just acquired saba, sikkimensis 'red tiger', thai black, and siam ruby. All 4-7 inch plants. I will do this for all of them. It's better to put in the work than have dead plants, so you have my blessings! Thank you so much.

Also, my zebrina suffered this same indoor drought as the TaNee, but I removed the dead earlier and have it in the shrub-tree mix. Now up to 5 pups. And I almost killed my dwarf cavendish by keeping it in the garage this winter.. recently learned it's only hardy to about 50F. The garage reached about 43-45F average. The corm is also in the tree/shrub mix and has 5 pups as well. I will do this for them too, as well as the kudzu! (God forbid I lose the kudzu.. the vine that ate the south lol)

And will keep them in the dryness until I see more signs of life. The zebrina, cavendish, and kudzu will probably be fine as is, but never hurts to be extra cautious. Thank you!!!
Growing: Ensete ventricosum 'maurelli', Musa balbisiana 'Thai Black', bordelon, basjoo, Dwarf Cavendish, Dwarf Orinoco, itinerans var. itinerans, lasiocarpa, orinoco (tall), saba, Siam Ruby, sikkimensis 'Red Tiger', TaNee, zebrina, and zebrina var. gran nain.

Seeking: Musa Itinerans var. xishuanbannaensis, French Red Plantain, Peekeli, and Ensete ventricosum.
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