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Originally Posted by maltose View Post
I'm in the Twin Cities, zone 4b.

I was adding the extra potassium sulfate to try to balance out the excess nitrogen in the fertilizer I was using, I think it's 8-2-6. Unfortunately I did not always make sure to combine them in the proper NPK ratio before every time I fertilized, so excess salts may have been building up.

I had read that banana growth is optimal at 600 ppm soluble salts, and figured straight sulfate of potash at that concentration would be a great way to supercharge growth. I didn't do this with every watering, though.

My main grow light is the 300W Roleandro Led Grow light available on Amazon. It's the pinkish blue kind of LED grow light but is supposed to provide a pretty full spectrum for what plants like, and also includes some UV LEDs.

The ensetes are about a foot now, with 4-5 beautiful perfect vibrant green leaves. The first sign of germination was on Christmas, and the oldest was a just a little nub on new year's day.

I got the seeds from Ebay, and 4 out of the 7 seeds germinated. The first took only a week, while the other 3 took roughly 2 weeks. I first soaked them in tap water at room temperature for about 2 days, then just plopped them in little individual plastic pots with 100% Burpee Seed Starting mix.

They sat together on a tray, in the grow tent, loosely covered with a plastic bag. I would check them every day and moisten the soil if needed.

I repotted them into 1 or 2 gallon fabric pots, or medium-size black plastic nursery pots with extra drainage holes when they were 2-3 inches tall. They seem to be thriving on the foliage-pro at the 1/4-1/2tsp/gallon rate.

The soilless mixture for the ensetes is maybe 30-40% perlite 70% coco coir, with a little azomite and generous scoop of diatomaceous earth (as a silica source) mixed in. Later, I top dressed with a solid amount of kelp meal to provide a slow-release potassium source to balance out the nitrogen-heavy Foliage-Pro (also for the plant hormone/vitamin and trace mineral benefits of kelp). I've started misting everything with liquid kelp every day now, too.

I'm excited to see how far they've come in just over a month, if all goes well I should have a 4 by 4 foot jungle in here by April.
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Sounds great.

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