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Default Re: Upgrade

in the same order...

All new software upgrades have issues. Every time anyone upgrades their software there are glitches or at least features I like lost and most newer software has many more restrictions than the older ones. I understand they also have new features which are better, too. All I am saying is it's an adjustment.

What's not working on this site?

A few scripts? Even if that's true, there are sometimes glitches and data can be lost... Do we want to take that chance?

A few weeks work to get it going? Maybe he doesn't have a few weeks to spare in front of the computer... I doubt it's just a few dollars.. Server side is always expensive because they know you will use it to make money.

You started the thread. He isn't on the site much anymore, as he stated recently, so you will need to message him your idea directly.

In the same thread I read he doesn't make much with this site. (As for his price, any site with nearly 30,000 members is a goldmine and thus worth quite a bit, he's just not mining it as deep as many would. I like that as I hate ads in my face all the time.) It's one of the threads about the site going down a lot...Do some research...It's out there, I promise you.

He also stated in a thread about the site going down to message him on the FB page as it's the fastest way to reach him.
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