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Default Re: The North Carolina Banana Experiment

Originally Posted by meizzwang View Post
FYI: you don't have to stand the plant up in the garage, you can lay it on its side or place it slightly sideways temporarily (ie. lean the p-stem on a bench or box) until the threat of freeze has past. In case the family doesn't mind, it can also go into the house somewhere, just cover the bottom of the pot with plastic so that it doesn't get dirt everywhere.

Looks like you still have a few more leaves to go before you get the flag, you have a cigar leaf emerging right now. It's hard to say where your plant is at developmentally:If I had to guess, it's either really close to flowering, or still has a few more months to go. Pot bound plants that have been in there for a while tend to flower at shorter p-stem lengths.

You can definitely get bananas on this plant, so don't sweat it! People on this forum will for sure help guide you through it! I'm very curious to see if that TC plant is in fact Orinoco.
My fear is, say, I get a bunch of bananas 30 days before my first frost - I cannot just lay it down because the bunch will rot. I'd prefer it not flower and I'd just keep it in the dark to promote dormancy until mid-March.

I'm starting to think this isn't an orinoco because it is so tall despite being pot-bound. I'll have to take a picture with a tape measure. The pseudostem must be 5-6 feet, and my understanding was that dwarf orinioco's are about 5 feet, meaning wouldn't a pot-bound plant be even shorter? Hmm.

I did purchase this on Amazon, but from Wellspring Gardens. They're pretty reputable to my knowledge, and I don't see any reason to mislabel a dwarf orinoco. They're not very good tasting - I've purchased burro bananas before and they're very underwhelming. I purchased it because they're supposed to be cold hardy and easy for beginners. I didn't go for taste, so if this turns out to be another variety, I won't be all that upset unless I get an inedible variety!!

It does look like a cigar leaf coming out, but I've never seen a leaf come out like this. It did get blown over in a windstorm twice, so maybe it shocked the plant and twisted it up internally. I was holding out hope because it took so long to push the last leaf. I feel like something is going on because I was getting a leaf a week consistently, and the last took more than 2 weeks. It's not a temperature issue, nights are still 75 and days 90. No change.

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