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Default Re: Super SMALL bananas

There is a very simple scoring system.

Most people should realize the dwarf nino is

a dwarf
Group AA
Subgroup Sucrier

If it's not a dwarf then it can't be a dwarf nino.
If it's not an AA then it can't be a dwarf nino.
If it's not a Sucrier then it can't be a dwarf nino.

Only one of those statements need to be true for it not to be a dwarf nino.

Then all anyone needs to do is look at the photos.
If someone isn't familiar with the descriptors of a dwarf nino then access a passport online.

This doesn't identify the cultivar but it does eliminate other Groups and Subgroups and obviously if you eliminate AA or Sucrier it can't be a dwarf nino.

In most banana growing countries even children can identify some Groups and Subgroups just by looking at them even if the plants are young.

Originally Posted by Tytaylor77 View Post
More attacks by PR Giants imagine that!

Musa Nino Enano.
Source is USDA Tars In PR and if that is the case then your entire collection is incorrect!
Plus this clone has been verified at flowering.

There is absolutely no way to ID a plant that is this small.

You should go ID the “real deal” FHIA-01 Goldfinger that you sold to Hector. It’s looking like an off-type to me. You should also check your Musa cocos clone, it grows to 11’+

Also often times plants in the tropics look different due to disseses and other problems. Your plants could look “different” due to this. You should have your commercial plantation checked ASAP! Especially how you send plants bare root and with soil. With TR4 found in Jamacia we must all be vigilant!!

Hector thanks for your picture! When it fruits you will have confirmation that it is a Niño enano!

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