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Default Re: Do I need to dig up/cut my bananas?

Originally Posted by nealnick5 View Post
Hello all, I am in desperate need of your advice. I am the guy with over 100 musa basjoos and this is my first time overwintering them. I fear I may have done it incorrectly and need to know if you all think I should dig them up or not.

After the first freeze, I did not let them die down and instead I cut them 1-2 feet to the ground and stacked hay/mulch around them without allowing the tops of the stems time to dry out. They also have no protection from rain which is keeping the cut stems wet. I checked on some and I am beginning to fear the worst. The stems are rotting from moisture every time they thaw out and it's like a burning fuse; I am not sure if the rot will spread to the corms or not before winter is over.

I am wondering if this rot will kill the corms if it makes it to them. If this is the case, I will dig them up ASAP, cut off the rotting stem parts, and store them where they can dry out. I have researched this everywhere and cannot find specific answers. People say if they die down to the ground naturally, they won't make a new shoot from that corm but will do so from pups instead. Which I would have been fine with; that was what I expected if some of the stems did not survive. I left the 1-2ft pseudo-stems in hopes that at least some would return from those same corms at their massive sizes from this summer.

Nealniks.....your good...

Please find these photos comforting.

Your plants will die back to below the soil level ......yep they turn to brown mush.
And yep that is what they do......always have .....always will.
This is normal for that type of plant.

Mine in zone 5/6 will mush little deeper though.

I tend/volunteer to a local botanical gardens 2 acre mat and all we do is mulch them and cut to the ground.
feel free to look at other photos in this Flickr account about Basjoos.

Please feel free to pm with basjoo and other questions....or post

Hopefully you will be able to takeaway something you can use.


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