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Default Re: Patupi

Thanks Mike. I had great results out of Patupi and Tigua this year. 3 Patupi bunches and one Tigua. I love Patupi. I believe it’s my new favorite banana. Very good tasting, firm banana.

Patupi and most AAs like VC, Nino, etc can be tricky. They hate cold. I mean hate it! If you think a cavendish hates it, these hate it worse. Their corms will handle cold well if kept very very dry. If in zones 8 and up you better start with a very large pup to plant or really rush them to bloom. Here in 8b on my fertilizer schedule (which is a little extreme) they made it fine this year. And weren’t even established. So it is doable in 8b. Maybe 8a. Above that your past my experiment zone! With work and dedication it can be done! No doubt! Just keep them warm and if cold keep the corm dry. Northern growers your in totally unknown territory.

For me VC still flowers faster. It flowers a good 3-4 weeks fast. However Patupi fills in 40-50 days for me. It’s truly amazing. You can almost see them fill day by day. Tigua also filled very fast. The good thing for a zone 8-9 grower is all 3. Iholena, Veinte Cohol, and Patupi are completely different bananas! Different sizes, tastes, and uses.

I had an idea for green underfilled bananas i wanted to test. I had the following i tested making tostones with. Taste with salt and no sauce:
Blue java - excellent, tasted potato like
Orinoco - excellent, potato like
Maricongo type store plantain - excellent, potato like.
Iholena Tigua - bad for me. Tasted like fried okra! I hate okra!
Patupi - amazing
Fhia 1 goldfinger (underfilled) - ok
Fhia 3 sweetheart. (Slightly underfilled) - good
Veinte cohol - excellent
Raja puri (underfilled) - ok
Gran Nain (slightly underfilled) - ok

- The stand out best flavor was a shock! Patupi! It was so flavorful. Even green Patupi is amazing.
- Iholena Tigua i was so excited to try! Was a big letdown for me. Tasted exactly like fried okra! Not slimey of course.
- VC is amazing green! I already knew, everytime i cut bunches up i mess up and slice some fingers. I use these fingers to fry. Taste amazing! Just not worth it for their size. If i have lots i will boil them first to make peeling easier.
- blue java i couldn’t tell the difference between them and Orinoco. Both were excellent and had the well known texture and potato like flavor. Amazing!

Just thought i would include this info. So even if you get half filled fruit don’t let them waste! Harvest them and use them as a vegetable or fried. Underfilled bunches are used all over India! And they actually have value to plantations! Experiment and report back!

Good luck guys! I truly hope we get something that can somehow be fruited up north!
Merry Christmas!
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