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Default Re: Tales of SH-3640's

I was speaking of the petioles when I mentioned fringes, so it's the fringes of the petioles. Definition of fringe:

an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.
synonyms: edging, edge, border, trimming, frill, flounce, ruffle;

So, fringes, edges, borders, frills, edging... whatever synonym you choose to use, they are red.
Here are some pics of the 3640 I have...
I got this one from Wormfarmer last year about this time. I don't know where he got his from. It's a strong grower and not afraid of the cold. I have not seen a flower yet, but am hoping soon. The first pic is the plant from a few feet away...

The next one is a little closer so you can see the colors on the petioles better. The leaf edges have a color, but not red like the GM.

Compare those to the petioles of my GM, which I got from SDDarkman as a TC a year and 3 months ago (Very similar)...

One more, of the pups. They are now only about 2 months old (6/15 ) Note the minor coloring on the leaf, wine stains...

As for how many there are, it's anybody's guess... I know I have heard some talk about 3640 and think it's great, and others say it's awful. I find it difficult that opinions could be so polarized among so many if they were all the same. Also, the descriptions of color and flavor seem to vary somewhat, thus I concluded they cannot all be speaking of the same banana...My personal interest mirrors yours, Richard... If I like it, I really don't care what it is, officially, other than to be able to speak of it here and to have others know definitively of what I speak. It's difficult to have an intelligent discussion about something when you both believe you speak of one thing when,in reality, it is two different things.
If you lose your head and give up, you neither live nor win.

Varieties I supposedly bought: Manzano, Cavendish, Blue Java, Sweetheart, and Gros Michel.
What it seems I actually have: Brazilian, Cavendish, Namwah, Dwarf Red, Gros Michel, Pisang Ceylon, Veinte Cohol and SH 3640, and American Goldfinger. FHIA 1, Paggi and FHIA 17... Always room for one more.
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