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Default Re: Oh no!! I broke my banana!! Is it over????

Originally Posted by cincinnana View Post
Cut the stem at the break/bend, do not try to save the plant above the crease.
This will only cause a choke and your plant will suffer.
The plant will sort itself out in a few weeks.

This is normal for a plant which has been grown indoors AND NOT HARDENED OFF TO THE ELEMENTS.

Wind, heavy rain will break and bend your leaves at the start of the season.
Even though I take precautions for this .....sometimes it just happens.
Before you bring them out next year a box fan on the leaves for a few weeks to condition them.

Yes it stinks...

The short answer is your still good....just a set back a few weeks.
Even though precautions are made, it still happens in fact it happened today with some Bordelons....they bent just like your plants.

This happened overnight during a light spring wind a few years back.....just cut them off and get on with it..

Bent petioles
on Flickr
Yes, but I feel I should mention that, if one were to treat the plant with a plant growth regulator to shorten the pseudostem, the old pseudostem has to be cut anyway to allow the shortened growth to emerge, therefore this is a good time for the OP to consider applying Uniconazolel or Paclobutrazol solution as a soil drench. These can be bought cheaply on Ebay:

Uniconazolel 15g 95% Plant Growth Regulator | eBay

Paclobutrazol (PBZ) 10g 95% Plant Hormone Plant Growth PGR | eBay

These quantities are enough to treat thousands of potted plants.

With a sufficiently shortened pseudostem, a banana plant will not fold over in the wind and rain even after it has grown indoors.
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