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Default Re: I got a few through winter

Originally Posted by RoundRockMan View Post
I live just a few miles from you and just started growing. What type of plants are you currently growing? Might need some tips for our area.

Hi Lonnie!!! Yep not far at all considering I live close to Braker lane and I-35 in North Austin.

I'm growing Texas Star, dwarf Cavendish, super dwarf Cavendish and Truly Tiny.

I have some pups that you're welcome to if you like. I can spare 1 Truly Tiny, and 3 or more super dwarfs. And if you want a good size dwarf Cavendish that came back from a cut back from last year, you're welcome to it as well. It's growing too close to another big one that came out of a cut back.

Tips for this area...hmmmm....Well I put composted cow manure around them about once a month when they're growing well. I also put a time release fert once a month in between the manure times. I may use some k sulfate on the flowering ones. I water the established ones and stands at least once a day in summer, sometimes twice if the wind is high and the temps are high.
But this is my way for my soil and sun exposure. So adjust accordingly.

It's good to plant them close to the house or a fence, just not too close. They get protection from wind and the ground tends to be warmer in the winter close to a house or above ground pool. But I haven't seen a winter here that could kill the mat. They can die to the ground and still come back in spring.
I wait to see how far they are going to die back, if at all, in the winter before they get cut just below the dead area. You can always cut them lower if they die back more in winter. But the taking off tools work much better than the puttin back on tools you know, lol.

I'm not an expert really, just a home nanner gardener lol. There are real experts here that can give much better advice in general, but if I can help with growing bananas in central Texas I'll try to help.
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