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Originally Posted by beam2050 View Post
welcome. don't let these guys scare you. a namwa is an ice cream and many here say that it tastes better than the java. pretty much looks the same as the java until it fruits. more cold hardy to.
It's a fact a musa blue java is a totally different variety than a musa Namwa. I have both growing side by side and everything about the two plants is different.

1 A Namwa is a way more aggressive vigorous grower.

2 The two plants are totally different colors. Namwa has a pinkish tint and a lighter color look to it. Hard to describe other than a "namwa" look.

3 A true blue java ice cream it totally dark green. No pinkish tint or lighter color along the pstem, midrib, pedicles, etc.

4 A Namwa when cut is way softer, more airy, and has way more sap than a real blue java.

5 The taste is completely different.

6 Namwa also reaches about 18' and is absolutely enormous around. Mine last year had leaves touching power lines. Blue Java only reaches about 15'.

7 The fruit is the biggest difference. Namwa fruit and blue java fruit is slightly similar in size, shape, and the bunch. However blue java is completely blue where namwa is green with a little powder.

8 Also I find Namwa produces pups way more than the real blue java. Maybe double.

I know my descriptions are not that scientific. They are more of my experience and visual differences. Hopefully Gabe or someone will confirm the difference and help explain the difference better.

Please try not to mislead new members. This forum is a major information source for anything bananas. We need to try and be as factual as possible about any information we post.

The whole mixup is made by agristarts using the incorrect corms from musa (Tall) Namwa. And calling it blue java ice cream.

I have no dog in the fight. Personally so far I prefer Tall and Dwarf Namwa over the real blue java ice cream. I just can't stand buying something and then finding out you didn't get what you purchased 2 years later. That's why I inform people who want an ice cream banana about the TC mixup. Buy a corm from a member who has fruited the parent! It is the only way to get the correct plant.

Out of the 6 TC plants I have purchased 3 have been the incorrect plant. If you like surprises and 50:50 odds then goto saving $5 and get TC.
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