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Default Re: Very Nice Looking Namwah Bunch !

Originally Posted by Going Bananas View Post
I probably wont have any bunches on my namwahs
untill late next year and looking forward to it as well.
I met this one person on HD that uses fish emulsion liquid fertilizer
for her fruit trees. She says it sweetens out the flavor of the fruits.

BTW, what exactly do you guys mean
"the taste might not be the best"?
Not better than Chiquita?
I have yet to eat a Namwah that does not taste better than a store bought Cavendish.
Totally disagree with Ed.

I doubt that fish emulsion increases the Brix score in fruits. I once read an article that potassium has a positive influence on it. At certain times I do use water soluable potassium for various reasons and it might have increased the Brix level as well, but unfortunately I do not own a refractometer to proof it.
My theory is that if you give fruit plants more N than they need, new growth will consist of larger cells with thinner walls, therefore making them more susceptible to pests and diseases.The optimum fertilizer for bananas is a 2-1-3 ratio of N-P-K, so if the Brix level is still too low, it might be because there is too much N in the soil and Potassium might be needed.Of course other nutrients and minerals are important for a healthy plant as well, but the more efficiently the plant can take them up with water (or even better through foliar feeding), the healthier the plant will be and subsequently the brix level will increase.
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