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Default Re: Ensete Glaucum - first try sowing banana

Please give us details on the soak
and the germination media
and (baggie/pot/bottom heat)method.
No heat was added bottom or otherwise, I did place a clear acrylic lid on the flat until they started popping en masse. I'd heard somewhere out here that ensetes seeds like varying temps so I figured outdoors in July might just be the ticket....It least for me in this instance.

I soaked them for 48 hours then planted them about a half inch deep in a seed flat (22"x11") filled with a 50/50 mix of pro-mix potting soil (which consists of peat moss and perlite plus beneficial microbes) and well composted (two years or more) horse manure, (I live on a horse farm so no shortage of that material...LOL) no scarification was used. All of this occurred outdoors ( I live 80 miles N/E of Detroit in 80-90 degree days and 60-70 degree nights), I made sure the seed flat was in the shade for half of the day so it didn't completely bake in the sun.

They started germinating after about 2 weeks and all were transplanted into 16oz cups filled with Pro Mix and perlite. I will pot up a couple more times before they (I will be selling or giving away half of them) are planted out next spring. I haven't made my mind up whether to keep them actively growing through the winter (by supplying 12+ hours of light) or just let them
go semi-dormant like most everything else I schlep in the house every winter.

Here are a couple of pics I just took, you can see another one sprouting up in the seed flat. I just ordered 2 packets which were supposed to contain only 5 each, I wouldn't be surprised to see 30 in total.... LOL.

Regards, Harold
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