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Originally Posted by PR-Giants View Post
@ Pancrazio

We discussed speeding up the growth cycle of the Veinte Cohol on another thread, here's what it looks like.

I'll be separating and replanting the 1st Generation plants later in the week to jump start more 2nd Generation plants.

This technique shortens the time from planting to shooting and the time from shooting to harvest and it also yields the larger ratoon bunch.

Hey, here i am.

Yes, I do remember that topic.
Let me see if i do understand correctly what you do with your method:

1) You get a plant of VC and let it grow
2) Once you get pups from that plant, you let the most vigorous one grow as much as you can
3) When that pup is big enough, you remove the mother plant and plant it somewhere else (i don't get this: why you need to remove that? do they hinder the flowering of the second generation pup? Or do they make a better job by producing some more 2nd generation pup somewhere else?)
4) You wait for the flowering of the pup that should do a better/early bunch, since it got a jump start from the mother plant.

I do think that your method is interesting but I've got to find a way to use it at a northern, colder, place. My issue is that in my humble opinion, plants need a couple of moths before bringing them indoor, where you don't disturb them in any way. Surviving winter months indoor in a dark room is stressful enough and a plant can't do that if it also has to rebuild its root system.
Since i pot my plant in august, i can just get 4 months where i can grow the pup: then the pup has to be potted up just as the mother plant. I don't know it it may retain all the advantage taken growing this way. I must attempt it first.
And i really should start writing down some data.

BTW your experience with Patupi is very interesting. I do think that people in nothern climate should be very interested by your result.
As for now apparently it seems to me that people outside tropic have 3 main roads to grow bananas. The best one depends from the environment
1) If the winter is mild enough they can plant a fair number of cold tolerant varieties and hope for some plant to flower early (works better in places with milder long winter, with springs that may be cool)
2) If the winter is harsh but short, i do think that best results can happen with the dormant storage. But you need a place where the soil keeps warm even during the cold snaps, and your plants should get a warm spring, otherwise will recover too late and you will lose a year.
3)If none of the above methods apply, you've got to try with short cycle bananas and pot growing.

Spring heat however, to me, is a key factor in deciding which strategy may work better for any particular case.

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