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Default Re: Veinte Cohol blooming!

Originally Posted by Hammocked Banana View Post
I've read a few good posts made by gabe, and it seems that nanners breeding is very difficult. Most bananas have either sterile male or female flowers or both. I wouldnt bother trying to save pollen. Nice Bloom though. I have generally seen pretty weak bunches from the first bloom of a VC, other than Keith's in PR. If you dont expect much, you won't be disappointed.
Thank you! Yeah, I read quite a bit about those threads, but without a comprehensive knowledge of the subject is hard to recall the specific issues of banana breeding several months (or years later). It's a pity that Gabe doesn't looks as near as active as once he was - I hope he more active breeding bananas. Right now, however, i just recall that Dwarf Namwah is a good pollen donor, so not the ideal mother for any pollen from my veinte cohol: but i don't have any dwarf namwah pollen now (and I'm assuming that there isn't any dwarf namwah flowering now in Italy).
My point is that a imaginary cross Dwarf namwahXVeinte Cohol is pretty much the perfect hobbyist banana, if it emerges with the right traits. Huge bunches, small stature, quick ripening, cold hardy (well, if you get lucky; otherwise you may get a slow ripening frost tender plant with small bunches but i guess that that plant would reach the compost pile soon, so probably nobody would notice).

Regarding my expectation for my bunch, right now i would bet on "whiter & die" outcome (I don't recall anyone fruiting a banana indoor without a special setup, which i don't have, and i don't see why my bunch should have a different fate), so anything other than that is a godsend. Still, this bloom is something interesting and funny during those boring winter months (you can understand me, I guess), and it provided my with very valuable information for my next VC fruiting. Now finally I have an height where I can expect to see my plant fruiting! So i can start to imagine some kind of timing to have them fruiting in summer.

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