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Default Re: A question about horseradish

Originally Posted by LilRaverBoi View Post
From what I've heard you can harvest roots in any month that ends in 'R.' I've never heard anything about worrying about leaves dying back or anything like that. Just dig up the root, cut off any leaves and the top where the leaves sprout from. Replant the top root/base of leaves portion to essentially repopulate the patch for future years.
Thanks for heads up. I heard about leaves dying back in Omsk Russia and that even worked for 2 years here. But winter is shorter and now its warmer in the US and the leaves arent dying back. Its very important for leaves to die back to get the most heat and the most flavor. But I didnt know how that would affect the next crop until now.Obviously it doesnt do any damage.

Oh and thanks about "replant the tops". I always tossed the tops and just replanted the smaller roots that grow on the main root. I always have lots more horseradishes the next year if I do that. Now I will try replanting the tops too.

Originally Posted by Kat2 View Post
I managed to kill my 30 starts while trying to move and arrange surgery. You can harvest then replant any time I've been told but it takes a chill to develop real heat. Still will be more potent than supermarket jarred stuff.
The chill is very necessary but if you want heat then there are 2 important rules to remember.
1. Dormant roots have the most heat and the most flavor. If there are any leaves at the top or on the root then chop them off and put the root in a plastic storage bag and leave it in the fridge for 2 weeks. If you do that you will get more heat and flavor.

2. Wait longer to put the root in the vinegar. From the time you start chopping the root you have maybe 8 minutes to get it into the vinegar. You get more flavor if you put it in faster but you get more heat if you wait.
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