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Default Re: Climate change hoax exposed?

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
No, its just one of many empty things sucking up tax dollars.. I'm sure they have a hell of a lobbist though..
The lobbyists are trying to undermine the science. The articles just keep getting published, though. You only have to pay money to a politician if what you're doing it antithetical to rational thought or fair commerce...

That being said. I'm bowing out of this thread (again). None of the deniers here are ever going to change their minds because their belief is not based on facts, but on their own fear of change and their need to maintain the status quo. There is also a disturbing trend of flawed ego wherein the opinion of a person unacquainted with the broad swath of knowledge necessary to pontificate on this subject is held in as high a regard, or equal to, the scientifically backed statements of climate scientists.

As someone who studied both modern and ancient climate change during my undergraduate and graduate degrees I am, quite frankly, tired of complete strangers repeatedly yelling in my face (figuratively speaking) that I am a Liar.

It is not a label I have earned and it is not one I am comfortable being mantled with.

So, congrats, you win. I don't care what you think anymore because it doesn't matter. The world moves on with or without you.
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