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Default Re: What/What not to do when blooming

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
There is a choice you don't have to click on them.. and after a while they unhighlight themselves and become old theads cause you chose not to view them.. :^)
i don't. however, i guarantee 9/10 people on the forum do not appreciate having 10 back to back posts that are pointless to everyone except the op. it is evident in the lack of responses. when someone does respond, either he doesn't respond back or gives some crappy attitude. someone needs to put that in check to maintain good, healthy dialogue on the site--the point of a forum.

Originally Posted by Hammocked Banana View Post
Ya easy guys...Like shrek said, you dont have to view them or respond to them. Fact of the matter is Tony has been a member longer than either of us so somethings you just gotta let slide.
that's fine if you guys want to deal with it. however, for the majority of us this is unacceptable. especially the personal attacks and constant trolling. seniority means nothing if you have a piss poor attitude. with seniority typically comes wisdom and a willingness to share it, but i guess tony missed the bus or took the short one because he is truly handicapped in that capacity.

Originally Posted by sunfish View Post
or put me on your ignore list like I do for BS members and merce is one of them
i guess that's why you're still posting useless clutter in my thread. i hope this is just your internet personality. otherwise, i feel sorry for you sir, because you are truly a sad case. maybe you should consider taking up a part time job or something to preoccupy your time.

just my .02. admins can you please lock this thread? i have the info i need.


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