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Default Re: Farmers tackle pests with colas

Originally Posted by Pallen View Post
Sounds like using it as true "pesticide" would be incorrect but it is a natural way to attract ants that are the true heros of the day. Also it sounds like mixing up a corn or sugar syrup yourself would work too. It is just Colas come premixed.
The cola companies should not be too upset, they are making sales after all. They just do not want their names associated with the "pesticide word. Using their cola to attract natural predators that love their cola, just like humans do, sounds like a green thing to me.
I found a link that discusses using sugar water to attract ladybugs and other beneficial inspects here in FL. (BTW, it also mentions the baking soda spray for fungus which a local nursery recommended (never tried to upsell me) so they might be onto something.) Simple syrup is cheaper than Coke.
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