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Default Re: Climate change hoax exposed?

Originally Posted by CountryBoy1981 View Post
So now you are the authority on whose study is credible based on who is funding what? Have you graduated with a degree in climate science, if not, according to your own words you have no authority to make any kind of statements either. I studied global warming in college also (actually was duped into believing it at the time). I guess neither of us should even be debating this in this thread then since we have no authority.
I am an environmental science major, and I very well might go into climate science. I have studied climate change both in college as a part of my curriculum and independently myself. I should probably rephrase what I said. Those who attempt to debunk climate change without using science have no authority whatsoever. If we are using actual scientific data and studies as our sources to debate this, then of course we can debate it, even if we are not scientists. If you are one of those people who say things like "GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX" without any evidence to back it up, THEN you have no authority to debate it. Sen. Inhofe and the people over at Wing Nut Daily are perfect examples of these people. So, if you use actual science to try and make an argument, then you are able to draw conclusions based on your sources. But I have every right to debate and attempt to debunk the conclusions you draw, and even question the credibility of the sources that you cite. Same goes for you. Neither of us, since we are not scientists (for me at least, not yet) have the authority to expect what we say be accepted as true by the broader community, because we haven't done independent research or experimentation on it.

"The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."
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