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Default Re: Climate change hoax exposed?

Originally Posted by CountryBoy1981 View Post
Whether the cover is faked doesn't matter, global cooling was the big science scare of the 1970s, here is a link with some info:

Popular 1970s Global Cooling Alarmism
Saying that the defunct global cooling alarmism in the 70s is makes global warming invalid is like saying that the defunct theory of spontaneous generation makes germ theory invalid. You can't use previous science that has been proven wrong to attempt to debunk science that has so far been proven right now. Not only is that logically fallacious, it flies straight in the face of the scientific method. You know how you debunk climate change? Become a climate scientist yourself, do a scientific study, and if you manage to conclusively disprove global climate change, collect your Nobel Prize and go home. But clearly you are no climate scientist so you have no authority to make these kinds of statements and expect them to be accepted as true.

Debunked by whom? The global warming scientists who are dependent on government grants to keep their jobs?
No, I debunked it, because the Russian scientist assumed that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, which goes against 150 years of established scientific knowledge. Also, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study, which proved for the umpteenth time that climate change is happening, was funded by the Koch Brothers, not the government. Your argument is invalid.

"The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."
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