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Default Re: What root rot?

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
This sets up any novice for Total Failure when it comes to growing edible bananas.
Not so Migael

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
The Banana type has everything to do with at what temp a root will rot, and the other factor besides moisture is soil composition simple as that.
There are many threads with warnings of less water during winter months is wise.

First of all, let us define “less water”. It is clear, that all plants use less in cooler
temperatures than during the hot summer, but it is hubris to try to dictate to the plant
how much water it may use. The plant can judge that better than you and I. Thus I
water most of my plants, including bananas, whenever the soil appears dryish. Then I
water gradually until it starts seeping out at the bottom an lay off. The plant determines
the frequency of watering through its uptake. Water does not promote freezing, to the
contrary, it tends to keep the plants vigorous and resistant to disease.

As far as your "many threads" are concerned, I have addressed that in one of my
earlier posts in this thread: Someone has had an experience with root rot, blamed it
on over-watering, posted that and it became a mantra and subsequently gospel.

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
I think the only purpose for this thread is trivial, and can only do any new member more harm than good if they actually read, and believe anything contained here in when it comes to growing Banana's.
So this thread is for entertainment purposes only.. :^)

Wrong! The purpose of this thread is to learn and for that purpose we have to keep an
open mind and not hang on to unsubstantiated believes. In a sense we are all pioneers,
trying to move tropical plants into an alien environment. And if we refuse to review
previously held ideas and concepts, we will not make any progress. Some of us have
often pups for which we do not have room. Here is a simple experiment anybody
can do: Place two pots with similar pups side by side. One you water regularly as I
have described above, the other you keep as dry as you prefer. See which one grows
or survives better. We need to experiment, but I cannot do this experiment, because I
have only HZ6 outdoors or heated indoor space. I do not have any space, with temps
in the 40es and 50es, which, I believe, you would require for this experiment.

My plants are all dormant outdoors in my shelters or actively growing indoors by the
window and watered as I described above. And none has ever developed any root rot
in four winters.

The reason I joined this forum was to share experiences,
my own and those of others and to learn from them.

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