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Default Re: Dwarf Cavendish issues, new to banana growing

Originally Posted by Kat2 View Post
Okay, let's get this straight--you transplanted a pup (the one doing very well) not a cutting. And congratulations! I have 5 on my Dwarf Cavendish in the ground that I haven't dared sever. I will...I must...ACK!

Since my DC is the only banana I have in the ground right now and my other 4 pups are in pots outside, I don't know what is happening to the edges of your leaves. My big DC looks miserable but she's been hit with cold weather; the pups in pots beneath her aren't growing fast but their leaves are green. And her P stem is firm so I'm going with the flow for now...

Those old spent brown leaves you can remove; they will die on their own so you can leave them. (Don't toss them but leave them in the pot--they'll feed your plants.) I've removed mine gently because, outside where you can't control watering, they can let water collect on the P stem and then rot can happen.

BTW, I'm less than a year into bananas so take anything I say/said with a grain of salt.

But I bumped your thread and some of the people who know potted plants will chime in. Be patient.

Good luck!
I am not sure what a PUP means as I am new to this. The one doing well was an off growth of one of the larger plants. I sliced it off when I transplanted it. It had 3 little roots of its own so I'm surprised it is growing like it is. It has 5 leaves and the 6th is spiraling up now.
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