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Default Re: Just Getting Started - New Plants

Originally Posted by Zacarias View Post

Your bananas pics look great! Pictures so are so great on this forum. I'm glad you got bit by the banana bug and where you live is great for nanners! I have been to the Rio Grande Valley and love it. I had interviewed for several jobs in Brownsville/Harlingen back in 2002 but decided not to move for other reasons. But I love the climate!
I have ordered from WellSpring Gardens too and while they send small TC plants, I have been happy with them. TC babies for me are so slow to take off but they look good. I also am curious about the Banana Fuel from them. It's got a great macronutrient concentration so it is definitely good for bananas and others too.
I just got a shipment from sddarkmen (Thank you!) and as they just literally came out of the box, I'll wait a few days or less to take pictures.


Thanks for viewing. I'm glad you liked the pictures. They continue to push out growth everyday with new leaves coming every few days. I still need to post some pictures of the new TC plants that I've been babying for a month in light shade in the greenhouse. They were of Ok size but have been putting out constant growth since arriving. The fertilizer I use comes from Richards site, it's done great things thus far.

Just bought a Malliki Mango Tree and have a few more in mind to try to keep a good supply of mangos.

The climate down here makes growing things very easy. You can pretty much create the environment that you need and has a long growing season. I've been here since 2008.
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