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Default Re: New varieties from me, Pics! Interesting!!?

Originally Posted by RandyGHO View Post
I am with you on the m111. I tried a dwarfing root stock but after a few years you can still pull the tree over if it did not have support.

Interesting post.
I'm just trying to breed a nice hardy rootstock for people that want to grow apples in the far south..
Have you tried adding and of the Mexican Elderberry to the mix? I know it's climate is different, but the farther south you go along the west coast the more edible they seem to get at least to me.
I will have to look into to that. I don't even know if they are the same species.

I only deal with the eastern species, witch all seem to hybridize without a hitch.
Thanks, one who enjoys their work usually does a good job. The rice is of interest to us. Can you tell me the variety and if possible where to get some ? Thanks
The rice is really not a named variety. I mean I have it down in my books as "Dry L Rice selection 9" . I have done 9 plantings since I got the original seed, each time choosing the most vigorous, heat, drought tolerant, highest yielding ones to save seed from.

I got the first seeds from a guy in North Carolina. I think they were a cross with some dry land variety and a patty rice. Iv pretty much bred out any need for it to be wet. As you can see in the picture, its in sand with just some compost added.

If you look around the net though, there are some places selling a variety called Blue Bonny or something like that...

Interesting selections, the blackberry and the Cereus peruvianus sounds interesting. I would be up for trades if your interested in wide selection of Opuntia sp., a few varieties of Dragon Fruit cuttings, boysenberry divisions, Yacon, Oca, and others.

I want to get into hobbyist breeding as well. Been thinking of focusing on Black Salsify (Scorzonera hispanica), Opuntia sp., Oca, and some others.
I would maybe be interested in the yacon and oca. I already grow several kinds of pad cactus, and the dragon fruit: if only it took they cold..

I dont have much to trade at the moment, the blackberries are something im considering getting a patent on, and "Peach" and "Kiwi", not enough to go around.

If youd be interested in selling some yacon crowns or oca starts, Id pay cash..? PM me..

Thanks for your interest everyone.

I will get some more pictures up soon, a few of the apples Ive kept around, some new peach plum crosses... Whatever looks half way alive!
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