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Default Re: Water Soluble Banana Fuel Dosages

Originally Posted by Richard View Post

  • Very Young Plants, TC's. These have 1 inch or less diameter base, with little or no corm (bulb) development. Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water every watering.
  • Young Plant in 2 gallon pot. This has a diameter of about 1.5 inches or more. It might have been a TC that has been successfully grown for a couple of months, or a "pup" with at least a tennis-ball size corm that has been cut off a mother plant. The pstem height (not counting leaves) will be 12 to 18 inches or more. Dosage : 2 tablespoons per month, diluted in enough water to reach the roots.
  • Plant (not juvenile) in 10 to 20 gallon pot, or in the ground with a similar amount of root space. This plant has at least a 3 or 4-inch diameter base. Dosage: 1/4 cup per month, diluted in enough water to reach the roots.
  • Plant in ground with significant root space; i.e., 1/2 to 1 cubic yard of root volume. Maximum dosage: 3/4 cup per month, diluted in enough water to reach the roots.
  • Hydroponics. Dosage (regardless of plant size): 1 Tbs per 6.5 gallons of water.
Hi Richard,

I'm posting for the first time today, even though I've been avidly reading this site since December 2008.

I realize this thread is about the Grow More formula and I am planning on ordering some of the Grow More fertilizer for fruiting bananas when available. In the meantime, I have some of the Stokes Tropicals Banana Fertilizer- Controlled released fertilizer (3-month Formula) Analysis: 6-2-12 with minors.

I can figure the dosages, I think, for fruiting bananas, but there's one thing that makes me unsure. Theirs is a controlled release formula which would have to alter the situation somewhat. With the Grow More, it's released quickly, so I know, based on your post, what I would use and how often. How would this change for a formula that is released over three months.

I'm just unsure how the controlled release changes things, if it does. I would appreciate any insight you, or anyone else, can offer.

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