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Default Re: Was I cheated? Should I be concerned?

Originally Posted by Richard View Post
The plants you bought have been ruggedized by their past treatment. Give those roots a slight amount of iron supplement -- about 1/4 the dosage listed on the product for a potted plant that size. I would go ahead with the grafting but be conservative. Wrap not only the graft but the entire scion with clear grafting "tape". Keep the roots happy and you will likely have success.
Richard that sounds reasonable. I'll most likely do that. I will hopefully be able to keep them alive and can always then cut new scion to graft on some real seedlings.

Originally Posted by Yug View Post
I'm no expert, but I'd do the grafts since you already have the scions. Are seedlings more vigorous? I'm wondering why it makes a difference. Other than having been lied to, and cheated (yup you were cheated) will a rooted branch make a difference?
I can only tell you what my gut thinks on this as I am just an amateur. I believe that a true seedling will have a better developed root system than a limb that has been rooted. Especially a limb that has been neglected and abused (letting it become root bound not once but twice) like this one. If it had been uppotted several times and each time it was done before there were circling roots I would have had a superior product. As it is I had to trim the roots so hard that I am not sure the trees have better than a fifty percent chance. I'm hoping that there were more roots higher on the root ball than just those I found near the bottom.

Originally Posted by Yug View Post
Another alternative is to make the grafts onto the plants you have, and as you acquire real seedlings what would prevent you from taking scions of the ones you are now grafting to the rooted branches?
That is exactly what I think my long term plans are! Maybe then in five years or so I can answer the question of whether or not there is a difference. Hopefully I can find some seedlings that have been growing near someone’s mature Loquat.
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