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Originally Posted by bananimal View Post
Mitchel --- where can I get some of them there Yadacon tubers for propagation?

Found this ---------------

Yacon FOS are completely fermented in the colon by
probiotics (Pedreschi et al., 2003), a group of beneficial
bacteria that forms part of the intestinal microflora. These
bacteria (especially some species of the genus Bifidus
and Lactobacillus) contribute to better gastrointestinal
function and help to alleviate several digestive disorders.
Besides, FOS are recognized as a soluble fiber which
causes several favorable effects during digestion:
• an increase of intestinal peristaltic movements
• a reduction in time of intestinal transit
• an increase in the amount of water retained by the
fecal matter
• an osmotic effect similar to a laxative
These effects can prevent and control constipation (Chen
Other favorable health effects have also been associated
with the fermentation of FOS in the colon. These include:
• strengthening the immune system
• higher absorption of calcium by the body
• reduction of cholesterol level
• inhibition of the production of toxins and other
carcinogenic substances in the colon.
Yeah they are a true super food.
Don’t expect to harvest an abundant crop of tubers the first year, because yacon needs time to adjust to local conditions. After that, yields are generally double to triple those of potatoes. As frost approaches in early fall, put some straw around the base of the plants to protect the tubers underneath. After frost has killed the visible part of the plants (but before the ground freezes), gently lift the crowns by loosening the soil around the tubers with a garden fork. Then carefully remove the entire root system from the ground. Snap the tubers off the crowns and let them sweeten by mellowing in the sun for a couple of weeks.

New plants will not grow from the tubers themselves; only the crowns will produce new plants. Store the crowns indoors in peat moss (like dahlias) or loose in tubs (like potatoes) until early spring. Then split apart the sections that have begun to form green buds, and plant each in its own pot.

A root cellar or cool, dry corner of your basement is perfect for storing yacon tubers until you’re ready to eat them. Because yacon stores so well, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors for up to eight months after the harvest.
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