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Default Re: The voice of freedom descends on Wall Street

Originally Posted by proletariatcsp View Post
Thanks Momoese,

They are forming a democracy and voting on demands among the thousands in attendence as we speak. You can all catch the live feed here:

globalrevolution - live streaming video powered by Livestream

Important: There is currently a petition online at, signed by 5,000 so far, calling for President Obama to recognize the call for action by the people occupying Wall Street.

The revolution is now televised friends. I know the world is watching and being updated via Twitter and Facebook.

Its a sad reality for the whole world to see the US bombing Libya and killing many innocent people under the guise of spreading democracy and allowing the Libyan people to protest freely, but at the same time, right here in our own country the government uses the police to do exactly that by harassing and assulting people whose rights are supposed to be protected by the Constitution.

What a disgrace and hypocracy our government has become, especially to all the men and women overseas who are putting themselves in harms way to protect and ensure that our Constitutionally-protected rights, that the future of our democracy and freedom are secure, only to see our government and our police suspending our rights and abusing protesters just like Mubarak
globalrevolution - live streaming video powered by Livestream

While I may tend to agree with some of the stated purposes or goals of the protestors, and think the police are going too far in spraying peaceful demonstrators, to conflate NYC police and Obama and Bloomberg to Mubarak et al is nowhere near reality. In Eygpt, Syria, Libya etc. the ruling party shoots and tortures demonstrators just for demonstrating. Even back in the Chicago convention days, the cops 'only' beat and arrested. There is absolutely no comparison. And those troops overseas have everything to be proud of, a free country, warts and all. Just my humble opinion.
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