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Default Re: slowly killing my banana tree :(

Well, I see that you are planning a trip to the hardware store for some potting SOIL???????? No No NO.........PLEASE re-read my earlier post. Use Professional Potting MIX. IF you even suspect that it was a Corm Borer, chuck the whole plant and re pot the baby by itself. If it was a corm borer IT WILL DIE anyway. Inspect the little corm on the baby to make sure you do not see any little 'tunnels'. ANY plant fungicide will do to control that nasty fungus you have growing on those roots. Don't fertilize til spring, and dont OVER water during the winter. Water thoroughly ONCE after re potting. Then allow to dry out ALMOST completely. If you arent sure when to water, heres another tip; stick your finger all the way down into the potting mix. If its at all moist on the tip of your finger, then dont water. IF its dry, then water again. Soil and potting mix will dry out at the top first, appearing as though it is totally dry, when in actuality the mix around the roots is still wet or moist!
OK, Lets review, what are you going to do?;
#1. Hose off all that infected rotten dirt mix COMPLETELY.
#2. Cut the baby off of the mother corm and inspect for Corm Borer tunnels.
#4. Dip the baby plant in a fungicide-(follow the directions on the package)
#5. Repot the baby in your new PROFESSIONAL POTTING MIX
#6.Water thoroughly, provide as much sunlight and warmth as possible.

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