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Default Re: Misting plants indoors??

If your softener is hooked up right, the outside taps shouldn't be softened. That also wastes a lot of money if it is. So double check that. If the outside faucet comes off the line after the water softener thats bad news.

You want to run a separate line to the sink for drinking water and put it through a charcoal filter. That's what we have here. It needs also to be tapped in before the softener. You don't want to drink softened water, just use for bathing and laundry. The sodium levels are supposed to be bad for you. That's what the dr told mom when she had high blood pressure. The ice maker on the refridge should also be hooked to that separate filter so that it doesn't clog up with rust or lime or calcium as fast. Hand misting can be done with that and it won't build up as fast.

You should water and mist plants with unsoftened well water. We have a LOT of lime and calcium and iron/rust in our water here and over time it will build up on the plants. However, if you're misting in your home it's probably not going to build up to the point where it bothers you. It only builds up here on plants over the course of the summer when misters are on 6x a day, and it can be wiped off easily. The salt is not good for plants, some are more sensitive than others. If you're just doing a mist bottle manually, you could use snowmelt water or buy r/o water or distilled cheaply too. It's your call. or if you're doing hand misting and have a charcoal drinking water filtered system, use it for misting. But you wouldn't have to use the charcoal filtered for watering.
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