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Default Re: Do not use Scott's potting soil

I love growing tc's, it's like babysitting! Very hands-on...
You can go to local greenhouses, ones that grow their own plants and ask for a HP (high perlite) mix that drains well. Tell them you need something that drains well. It will probably set you back around $25 for a 2.something cubic foot bag retail price, but it will be worth every penny.
I don't plant my tc's in plug mix. I put them directly into promix hp in 3.5 inch pots. You water them in thoroughly when you plant them. Then you don't water them again until the soil color is starting to change on the surface to a light brown. That varies how many days that will take depending on your temps and sun and the size of the tc's. You mist the leaves of the plants very lightly with water several times a day,not too late in the day. You want them to be dry before nightfall. Keep the roots fairly dry. This helps acclimate them. I do that for about a week or so and then you start slacking off on the misting to once a day in the morning. Keep them warm at least to 60 at night. You don't lose any that way. Even if UPS and Fedex crunch the box and you have to cut them in half. Which unfortunately happens way too often!
Actually, your scott's mix would probably work if you mixed in 1/3 perlite to lighten it up really.
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