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Not in MY yard (please?)
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Cool Re: Good neighbor but bad on fencing

Originally Posted by Abnshrek View Post
Like Scuba dave said.. anything that crosses your property line vertically to infinity can be cut-off without notification of other parties. I'm just wondering.. how close your fence is to the line? For me the simple matter would be to goto my local Farm supply and get a siringe and inject the banana root directly where its on your property with a plant killer. This should fix the problem that effects your property thus not effecting a flower-bed of what you have on your side.
Again, Zero Lot Line Homes, fence errected directly on top of line. Seems fair, nobody lost any land.

So then.

The ole quiet dusty back roads Farm Supply in my husband dirty SUV vs. my Betsy's Beautiful Baskets and Boquets Boteaque in my perkey black Beetle Bug with the pink geranium in the dash, huh?

Confession: last summer, on one particulaly hot and humid and hiddious Texas afternoon, I snuck in the house! With stealth, I quicky grabbed the ice pick from the kitchen drawer! I looked around. No one saw me....

....ok, so i did stop and whack off a chunk of ice to crunch before...

....I surrepticiously tip toed back out in my flip flops and trudged around angy mounds of fire ants, as only Texas can grow um....hush....I waited...hungry hoards of mosquitos gatherd around me and between the toes of my cute flip flops (and I had just had my toes painted too!)...while I remain stealth under the scratchy, ragged, nasty brown broken leaves. Taking a deep breath, and with all the pent-up rage that only a Sargent of Arms at our Garden Club can wield, I repeated plunged that ice pick, again and again....hmmm let's say maybe an inch or so (?) or so into the flesh of the largest, meanest, oldest and most scarey BT ever!

Then I slopped a couple tablespoons of liquid edger into the mortal wounds I inflicted on that sucker!

True Story.

...spread the word....don't mess with Texas Women!.

PS - When I buy the siringe, what product do you recommend for the poison? Thanks!
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