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Default Re: germination guide

I thought I'd share some of my successes and failures with banana seed germination I've had this summer.

I've tried to germinate the following:
Sikkimensis x 200
sikkimensis 'manipur' x 50
ornata x 50
itinerans x 20
darjeeling giant x 120 (100 bought from one source were dud) (20 purchased from a different source excellent germination)
formosana x 50

I used the same technique for all of them, with possibly one or two exceptions. This is the technique I used:
1. soak in boiled and cooled water for 6 days (changing water every day)
2. soak in 20ml/l nitrozyme solution for 24 hours
3. place seeds in vermiculite contained in a plastic food saver with lid (vermiculite was wetted and then drained)
4. place sealed container in a heated propagator at 32 degress for 12 hours then removed at night and left at room temperature (whatever that may be at the time) for a further 12 hours.

with all of the species mentioned above there has been sign of germination after 7 days (ie the micropylar plug lifting and the beginnings of a sprout showing)

6. once germination has started transfer to a well drained compost and keep at a constant temperature of 32 degrees until sprout shows, usually a further 2 weeks or so.

The one exception is that I kept my 50 formosana seeds in the fridge for 7 days before soaking and out of 50 I got close to 30 plants.

I can't say how fresh or not the seed was, but I will say that most seed suppliers indicate whether a seed batch is 'new'. These are the ones I went for when buying.

I hope this is of some use to someone somewhere.
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